Much has been written on prayer over the centuries. Going back to the disciples plead to Jesus, “Lord teach us to pray,” our hearts have longed for an ongoing dialog with our creator. Tim Keller captures it best when he compares prayer to learning to talk and holding a conversation. As a child, you learn to speak by being spoken to by a parent or loved one. The language the child learns is dependent upon the language spoken to him. As an adult, when a conversation begins, the one who opens the conversation sets the direction, at least for the first round.

The same is true with our conversation with God. We learn the language and content of our conversation by how and what He has spoken first to us in His Word. Prayer has a richness beyond a list of petitions when we let God take the lead and our prayers are simply thinking His thought after Him. This takes time, maturity, and listening.


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Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God, Tim Keller
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