Bible Meditation

Christian meditation stands distinct from other practices that focus on a clearing of the mind. Christian meditation focuses the heart and mind on the living and active Word of God. The best way to teach this method is to experience it together. The Bible Meditation Podcast releases a daily meditation that walks you through stories from the Bible.


The Practice of the Presence of God, Brother Lawerence
A Simple Way to Pray, Martin Luther
Celebration of Discipline, Richard J. Foster

Bible Meditation Process

Each time together we will follow this pattern:
Focus our attention on our breathing, introduce the story setting, experience the story, contemplate on the story using Luther’s four questions, and close our time together with a blessing.

Next Steps...

Try biblical meditation for yourself. Click the link and listen. If you are blessed by the time dwelling in the Word, subscribe to the Podcast so that you will receive a daily meditative experience.