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Your Spiritual Journey

As you grow in your walk, sometimes you find yourself dry or desiring a more intimate relationship with God. Through focusing on four inward spiritiual disciplines of meditation, prayer, study and fasting, I will provide tools and resources to help us on our journey. Where deep calls to deep in our souls.

Nikki's Story

Nikki is a sojourner along side of you. She shares from her personal walk in hopes that the resources she discovers and creates can be a blessing to you on your own journey. The Bible Meditation Podcasts are an invitation into her daily quiet time. She invites you to come and walk together.

Recent Interviews

Meet others who have encouraged Nikki on her spiritual journey and graciously joined the podcast for an interview. Listen to:

Chris Heuertz share about the Sacred Enneagram in Episodes #132 & #139. So much information we needed two podcasts!

Josh Bailey introduce the Dwell Bible App in Episode #146.

Chaplain Jared talk about meditation and suffering in Episode #153.

Phileen Heuertz shares the connection between contemplative practices and arespiritual journey on Episode #209.